Across-Disciplines Experimentation

    This page contains audio segments filed under the theme of 'Across Disciplines.' It involves discussions about 'interdisciplinary' / 'transdisciplinary' / experimental teams - how they come together, how they function together, and how they stay together.

      Interview Themes:  newness   macro-micro    hype   funding   divide   multiplicity   

Conversations on Neuroscience and Cross-Disciplinary Work

Anna Kuhlen

1. Dr. Anna Kuhlen discusses the challenges and possibilities of cross-disciplinary work. She relates her thoughts and experiences working across gesture studies, psychology and neuroscience. In these segments from her discussion with Dr. David Gruber, she discusses developing a good team and forming a project that is not too simplistic or too complex for the various fields involved.


Daniel Margulies

2. Dr. Daniel Margulies discusses experiences working in teams with people from many fields; he highlights the challenges of writing papers together, bringing to the surface the idea that different fields have different expectations and concerns. He also suggests that neuroscience-humanities partnerships are becoming more equitable and mutual.


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